Prophecy: America Is Under A Curse, But What’s Worse, We’re Too Blind To See It (James Bailey)

Prophecy: America Is Under A Curse, But What’s Worse, We’re Too Blind To See It (James Bailey)

America is under a curse, but what’s worse, we’re too blind to see it.

America has undergone an amazing transformation during my lifetime, from very little presence of foreigners in my younger days to now having to press one for English. Even more alarming is how these changes have accelerated during the past ten years. The 2008 collapse of the housing market buried nearly every developed nation with unprecedented levels of debt, weakening our national sovereignty because borrowers are always the servants of lenders. (Proverbs 22:7)

Debtors don’t get to make the rules. They do as they’re told. They lose control over their land as the lenders move in and dictate what they want.

Debt is the result of a curse while the lack of debt is the result of a blessing. The one who is blessed will lend to many nations, but will not borrow. They will rule over many nations, but other nations will not rule over them. (Deuteronomy 15:6)

The more debt we have, the more our control is transferred into the hands of the lenders. The historical facts show we have already lost a lot of ground. While the United States government debt more than doubled from $9 trillion in 2008 to $20 trillion in 2017, foreign purchases of U.S. agricultural land doubled from 13.7 million acres in 2004 to 27.3 million acres in 2014. (Source: In both cases, the numbers are unprecedented and alarming.

Foreigners are rising within our land, taking possession of more and more acreage and businesses. They’re just as precious to God as anyone else, but that’s not the point. It is unhealthy for any nation to be ruled by foreigners because they don’t share our interest in the welfare of our people.

Foreign control over agricultural land poses a national security threat because they could potentially cut off our food supplies. They also have a bad habit of taking money out of our economy and sending it back to their home country.

These facts should be a wakeup call for every citizen, but it probably won’t be because most of them won’t even hear about it. They surely won’t hear about it from the mainstream news media, but not from Church leaders either.

Something is terribly wrong, yet hardly anyone is talking about it. In the rare case that someone sounds the alarm, they are attacked as fear mongers and prophets of gloom and doom. Anyone exposing the consequences of disobedience is accused of legalism and rebuked with claims like, “We are no longer under the law!”

The Church has been deceived into believing somehow God no longer requires obedience to His commandments, so we can disobey without any consequences. Yet, the scriptures reveal our disobedience brings curses. (Deuteronomy 28:45).

The dramatic doubling in sovereign debt and foreign ownership have not happened by chance. Both are clear signs of a curse, causing foreigners to rise higher and higher while our own people are brought down lower and lower. The curse causes foreigners to become owners of our land and our businesses. They become the head, while we become the tail. They become the lenders, while we become the borrowers.

43 The foreigner who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower.
44 He shall lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail.
45 “So all these curses shall come on you and pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you would not obey the Lord your God by keeping His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you. (Deuteronomy 28:43-45)

These verses are not well known because they’re rarely quoted, but the first half of the same chapter is well known because it is often quoted. The first half lists all the blessings that come upon those who obey God’s commandments while the second half lists all the curses that come upon those who disobey. So Church leaders only quote the first half, telling everyone what they want to hear, while ignoring what we need to hear, like living on a diet of chocolate candy bars and ice cream while never eating any vegetables or fruit. After a while, our health deteriorates and we become sickly and weak. That’s a picture of the Church today. And unless we change our diet soon, our country will suffer great hardships. We’re already well on our way there now.

Isn’t it ironic that we have all the symptoms of the curse, yet all we hear about is the blessing? As our debt levels continue accelerating into the ozone, we hear how America is going to be great again. And of course, we’re going to get there without any significant spending cuts and without mentioning the real problem, disobedience to God’s commandments. Yeah, okay. Sure.

But it shall come about, if you do not obey the Lord your God, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes with which I charge you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you: (Deuteronomy 28:15)

A people whom you do not know shall eat up the produce of your ground and all your labors, and you will never be anything but oppressed and crushed continually. (Deuteronomy 28:33)

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