America Sees Alarming Spike In Middle School Suicide Rate

America Sees Alarming Spike In Middle School Suicide Rate

This is sooooo sad and where are the parents in all of this? Where is the father helping to teach his son to cope? Where is the mother nurturing the child at home? Most of these children feel hopeless and do not have the mechanisms yet needed to withstand bullying or teasing even. Where are the parents standing up for the child in school if they are being bullied? I know some parents are there for their children but there is definitely an increase in the breakdown of family in general. Society has seen such a decline in parental guidance and family. Fathers are not paying their child support and mothers are working 2 jobs to pay the bills. So I believe many are so neglected and the connection is gone between parent and child. I also think that those who are drinking heavily and doing drugs do not even bond with their children; they wander the streets and hook up with gangs and call it ‘family”. This is very sad indeed. This should not be and when we took God out of the home, we took him out of schools and in our lives in general is when we see such increases in suicide. These children have no one to turn to when feeling all alone. I feel so sorry for these children because adults have a responsibility to God that we take care of our children because they are on loan to us because everyone is God’s child.

My friends, pray for these children so no more take their lives. One life lost to suicide is one too many!

America sees alarming spike in middle school suicide rate

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