Prophetic Dream: Putin Is Not Who He Appears To Be On The Outside (Etienne-Pascal Nadeau)

Prophetic Dream: Putin Is Not Who He Appears To Be On The Outside (Etienne-Pascal Nadeau)

Prophetic dream Reveals Vladimir Putin is not who he appears to be on the outside.

July 14, 2017 3:00 am By Etienne-Pascal Nadeau 4 Comments

Yesterday, I read the post of Dorothy Degman on Russia launching rockets and some aspects of what she received are strikingly similar to what I received.

A few months ago, I was watching Vladimir Putin speaking in a Youtube video and I thought to myself, “Wow! This guy sure knows how to speak! It seems all he wants is to avoid a war with the US. I don’t understand why everyone around us is saying he is the bad guy or that he is so dangerous! His words make a lot of sense to me!”

As I was thinking about it, the Lord spoke to me, “Don’t believe everything you see!”

I was reminded of when our parents told us to not believe everything we see on tv. I was like, “Oh ok! I’ve been a little careless!”

And then a few weeks after that, on December 18, 2016, I had a dream about Putin. I think it was the first time I have ever had a dream about a president.

In my dream, I was in Russia. At the beginning, I was with a soccer team that was practicing. There was a famous Christian rapper practicing with them. He said to me, “I am the only one that can talk here.”

He said that because he was famous and therefore they could not harm or threaten him if he spoke the truth about what was going on in that country. Throughout the whole dream, I felt the very oppressive spiritual atmosphere of that country. I somehow felt constantly watched and monitored.

After a while, Vladimir Putin himself came to meet me and my wife. He wanted to show us the country. He was in a black limousine with many bodyguards. We embarked in a black truck behind the limousine and they took us to a place where we got out and walked with him and his bodyguards. He was polite with us, but also very serious and cold with no smiles and no laughs. There was something very intimidating about him.

His bodyguards searched us before we started walking with our little group. We walked for a while through different parts of the country. I remember a town that was almost entirely filled with unfinished constructions. While we walked, I tried to speak joyfully with the president, but he always responded to me very coldly. At one point, he put his hand on my back as if he wanted to pat me in a friendly way, but I sensed he was in fact making sure I had no weapon on me.

We arrived in a town that had many suspicious people. Our group tried to discreetly leave me behind and disappeared from me. I panicked because my wife was with them so I prayed and the Lord led me to them. They acted as if nothing happened and led us into an old factory. There, they brought us into a little room where Putin closed the window blinds, so it became very dark. Then he said, “It is here that all Russian people work.” (meaning in the shadows)

This is very similar to what Dorothy Degman received on July 9 about Russia. She heard the Lord explain her vision, “It was foggy because Russia functions in obscurity.”

Then I saw Putin change a lot. He became very frightening and angry. He gave us an exam that we needed to do to show our competencies. He got very angry and shouted at us if we did not do exactly what we were told.


I believe this dream revealed what is really going on in Russia. It looks okay from outside, but inside people are not free. They are oppressed and everything is hidden. Vladimir Putin is not who he appears to be on the outside.

We need to pray for the Russian people and their leaders, that the Lord may save them and that any evil scheme to harm or threaten other people or nations may be gone.

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