Chemotherapy Found To Spread Cancer (Natural News)

Chemotherapy Found To Spread Cancer (Natural News)

For those of you who know anyone going through cancer treatments you need to watch this. I do know that certain types of cancer you don’t even need chemo for but yet they push it on people saying it’s the only way. They make a fortune off of this type of treatment and so I bet it’s why. Leukemia is a blood disease and why they would give chemo for this is beyond me. Blood diseases must be treated totally different. This has nothing to do with leukemia but tells you here how it spreads cancer in your body instead of ridding you of it. Maybe you go into remission for awhile and then it comes back???? I am not sure.


Medical bombshell: Chemotherapy found to spread cancer
In a medical bombshell from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, chemotherapy has been found to spread cancer throughout the body.

This study shows yet again how chemo “treatment” is really just part of the cancer industry’s repeat business racket that generates repeat revenue for oncologists and cancer clinics.

Click here for the full story and video.

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