Prophetic News: Suspicious Things: The Pope, Solar Activity and More (onpointpreparedness)

Prophetic News: Suspicious Things: The Pope, Solar Activity and More (onpointpreparedness)

Amazing how God operates and is exposing those in the Vatican now too. Come out of her my people or suffer of her plagues. She will fall and be no more. Again read all of Revelation and you will see what The Lord says about her. Pope just got rid of one of his main men because he does not want to answer to him and wants to push his agenda instead and replaced him with a Jesuit. Everything is lining up prophetically.

Also we are heading into an Ice Age, not global warming. Earthquakes , volcanoes. The Earth is groaning ……..are we?

Good video to watch and click on the video below this one that is the story of the woman who has been a hermit for 70 yrs yet has gotten revelation that Christians will be tortured and that we are in the end days and she knew about the chip also. Interesting video of how she lives and how did she know this when she has only her Bible and no outside contacts. She deeply loves God.

Here is another shorter version of Agafia’s life and she is an Old Believer/the ones that live by truth. She is an orphan for sure living alone for 27 yrs.

Pray she receives the help she needs because she is now 69 yrs old and won’t be able to make it much longer all alone.


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