WARNING: Untreatable Gonorrhea Superbug Spreading Around The World

WARNING: Untreatable Gonorrhea Superbug Spreading Around The World

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Since we now live in a society that has this attitude of “anything goes”, the sexual immorality is reaching an all time high. As this increases so do all diseases that will be untreatable so you are endangering your life if you partake in these things. We see blatant nakedness in the streets and they call it “freedom of expression”, we see threesomes in marriages, open marriages and you can sleep with anyone else you like, unprotected sex, beastiality, homosexuality increasing, pedophilia and all sexual sins and depravity now. Is it any wonder that these diseases are coming about? Syphillis is also increasing as are STDs and there were reports of these diseases being resistant to antibiotics too. There is a new form of HIV now too. The “I can do what I want and sleep with whomever I want” mentality is going to be your own death sentence you put on yourself.

Biblically, this is in the Bible that talks about all these lusts of the flesh and how we are to resist temptation and to an overcomer and not succumb to its pull.

Untreatable gonorrhoea ‘superbug’ spreading around world, WHO warns

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