Prophetic Dream/Vision: The Great Alien Deception & The Alien Jesus

Prophetic Dream/Vision: The Great Alien Deception & The Alien Jesus

  • alien: Aliens 3d illustration
  • NOTICE how they have been pushing alien games, sci fi movies and all kinds of things of that nature? They will be using holograms to usher in the Fake Jesus also and there is tons of stuff on this. Here is a video and also a dream/vision and I encourage you all to read it. The Holy Spirit has given many Words on this as well as revealing the truth through dreams and visions. The aliens “are demons” and they want you to welcome them in under the guise of peace and that we need to learn from them but the evil that will come from this is unimaginable. Do not fall for this lie because if you fall for the alien deception, you will also fall for the Fake Jesus that comes and many of the elect will fall for this.
  • ALIEN DECEPTION:This is Exactly how they will do it. – Duration: 7:23. RichieFromBoston52,132 view
  • The Coming Alien Jesus Deception | Z3 News

    The Coming Alien Jesus Deception. … Part 2 highlights the coming deception of an “alien Jesus” that masses of professing … I saw a huge drive that went left …

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