Real Life Mad Scientists Creating Monsters In Laboratories. (Endtime Productions)

Real Life Mad Scientists Creating Monsters In Laboratories. (Endtime Productions)

DNA editing, Gene therapy, Genetic Modification, and other similar practices are re-emerging on earth today after thousands of years. This practice was expressly forbidden by God after The Watchers used genetic modification to corrupt the world in the pre-flood age. These in the picture are called “chimeras’ and people think it is fake but they have been manipulating DNA and using animals mixing human DNA with them and this is what happens. Once we mess with God’s DNA structure in humans and start thinking we are above God we will be destroyed. Another reason judgment is upon this nation; we have gone too far!! Actually, they have been cloning for years and years and what is missing in a clone is God’s spirit so there is no conscience of right and wrong. Evil beings being reproduced using DNA from common people; we are made of mind, body and spirit and that spirit in us is missing in the “clones”. They are genetically modifying salmon (cross between salmon and eel), apples, and other foods. Also genetically modified horses, cows that are cloned and produce human breast milk ?? (sick), and so much more.

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3 Replies to “Real Life Mad Scientists Creating Monsters In Laboratories. (Endtime Productions)”

    1. Yes it is and it has been going on for years. People have had dreams given to them seeing the labs with these demonic creatures in them.
      also someone recently had a vision showing that baby born (in China I think it was) that has 3 DNA’s in it and they saw in their vision,
      a fallen angel on top of the baby’s back. This child is not going to be human in the sense we are. It will be without God’s spirit in
      it and so will be evil. They literally have lost their minds haven’t they?


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