Economic Alert: The Collapse Is Spreading Right Now State By State

Economic Alert: The Collapse Is Spreading Right Now State By State

Many people have gotten prophetic Word from the Holy Spirit and it is well on its way yet many continue to ignore the signs and not pay attention to what is going on. We are going to have a crash first and then a short recovery period from what I see and then the final blow will hit so hard there will be absolutely no recovery. It is over at that point. We are trillions in debt and a nation cannot sustain itself this way. Take your money out of the bank and keep at least 2,000 on hand if you can or cash your check and do not leave in the bank. A bank can literally shut down in one hour and if you read the fine print, they legally can take every dime you have in there and you have no recourse. This is not years away but in the very near future. Look what they did in Venezuela and in 3 months and how they took them down. Don’t laugh; it is coming here and it has all been planned and soon all will see none of this was conspiracy theory and those that think that way will be the first ones that starve to death when it hits because they laughed and mocked that it can’t or won’t happen. WAKE UP! We warn you out of love and have nothing to gain by telling you the truth. Those prepared always fare better than those that did not prepare throughout history.

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