Prophetic Word: Collateral Damage-Part 1 and 2 (Notice the Similarity) (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Word: Collateral Damage-Part 1 and 2 (Notice the Similarity) (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

“Collateral Damage!”

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



(Collateral Damage: Death, injury, or damage to property, inflicted on something other than an intended target. Specifically, civilian casualties of a military operation.)

The season of judgment has reached this nation. The winds of controversy are blowing in every direction. The moral compass of this nation is broken, and she has lost her way. Abandonment and separation will be her emotion as she witnesses the coming woes. Her fallacy of false peace and false hope will be revealed and realized in the coming calamities! I have not changed My decision about your nation. She is wanting in the balances of My justice.

There is coming a woe, so great and so profound it will change this nation forever! I will be justified, I will be glorified, because I Am a Righteous in all My ways! I have waited for signs of repentance, I have waited for My Church to turn towards Me; but instead they have chosen a man, a system, a way of life that does not embrace Me and My principles. You cannot serve God and mammon! You must choose this day who you will serve! Behold I will come swiftly to My House, I will purge the floor of the unclean and leaven. I will glorify My Church in this hour of reckoning!

Do not wander from Me, says your God. Gather closely as the storm arrives, for I will never leave you nor forsake you!

(Ephesians 6 is the foundational scripture for this message)
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“Collateral Damage!” Part 2

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The sins of the nations have reached the tipping point! There is no return to yesterday, to the folly of vain imaginations of false hope, and false peace. The hour of war is here!

There will be no peace to those who raise the sword in their vanity, pride, and rebellion! I will expose this nation’s nakedness, I will reveal her weakness. Her horses of iron and her machines of steel will be vulnerable to her enemies! The secrets of this nation’s strengths have been made known, her rearward has no guard! Her eyes have no sight, for her protection and prestige has taken flight!

I will expose this nation to the world! I will reveal the reason for My rejection, and I will be justified and glorified in the midst of the slaughter!

To My Church and My Bride, this is your time to abide within My Walls of protection and provision! This is your day of salvation, your hour of rescue. Be not be afraid of the terror that is coming. The shaking is not for breaking, but for awakening of those who slumber in Zion!

Wake up and arise, for the Lord of Hosts is coming to judge the nations!


The scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 5) You can listen or watch this message by going to or


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