Several Prophetic Messages Given To WendyLee Recently

Several Prophetic Messages Given To WendyLee Recently

From King Yeshua’s Bible Study on 27 Jun 17.
Father God Yahweh’s Message
John 15:16
Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in My Name, He may give it you.
Please get down upon your knees and ask Father God Yahweh, by the Power of the Holy Spirit and in King Yeshua’s Holy and Powerful Name if these are Father God Yahweh’s Words.
Message received from Papa God Yahweh on 26 Jun 17.
My Child, be not afraid when things are not going to go the way you have thought. It is of My Perfect Will that none of My Children perish in the fires of hell. There will be many that succumb to the devil’s path of death. It has already been seen by Me, who those will be. This is what God Jehovah means by a chosen vessel. I know who are going to bow willingly to My Son and who will not.
I AM the Eternal Grace of the Universe and I give My Children chance after chance. No, man cannot comprehend what I mean. It is how I deem it to be. What man sees is not what God Jehovah sees.
As Papa has given many messages through this, My Ministry, raised up and ordained by Me alone, destruction of this world cometh. Father has emphasized and put in more of understandable Words what is coming in these last days.
I know that My Son Yeshua’s Bride is waiting on pins and needles to be raptured up; and it is written, and will be. Only not as man thinks they know what it will be like. Father has said in My Other Messages in the First Phase that it will be after My Bride does their Great Commission for Me in their “different but not glorified” bodies. My judgment comes – can you not see all the evil that has now penetrated through the holes that My disobedient children have left wide open? It is here.
Preach My Word, be Ambassadors for My Son; however, also remember your own walk with My Son Yeshua – do not neglect it.
Father God Yahweh has spoken King Yeshua’s Message of Encouragement
Psalm 51:10
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
Please get down upon your knees and ask Father God Yahweh, by the Power of the Holy Spirit and in King Yeshua’s Holy and Powerful Name if these are King Yeshua’s Words.
Message received from King Yeshua on 27 Jun 17.
Hello to all of My Flock. This is the One Whom you completely adore. The One Who pulls and tugs at your very heart; sometimes it feels extremely intense; My forever love for you.
My Children, listen to Me ever so carefully, it is time. God Jehovah has been preparing you for this season; some for quite a long time. This is the season. You ask what does this mean? This is the time where everything that you know as normal has changed or is in the process.
My wayward children’s heart is so confused and so perplexed about the homosexuality and transgenderism and adulterous idolatry and worshipping of false gods and religions. Why should this perplex you My Children; you have allowed this country to turn into a melting pot of all things that are evil and have been invading for quite a while.
God Jehovah wants a place where all the brethren gets along one with another and worship Me, the One and Only True God Jehovah Elohim.
I want you to have great delight in Me; be consumed with Me, love Me like you love no other. Put Me above all people and things. Do not have things in your life that are distractions away from Me. This begins the destruction of our relationship. But I tell you the truth; you put your complete trust in Me; and I will never let you down.
I love My Flock of Doves.
I love My wayward and stiffnecked and stony hearts.
Come to Me, Yeshua, and I will give you a heart of flesh.


June 28, 2017. 

Vision and then Word received from Wendi after Communion. During communion I received this vision: I began seeing stream of white being poured into a huge mixing bowl. The mixture coming into the bowl was like stories tall and the bowl was massive. Such as in an industrial warehouse. That’s the only way I can put it because the bowl was as big as my apartment is. It was big. I see the mixture going around in the mixing bowl then I see these creatures that came out of it and they lined up standing in a single file. When I say creatures…ugly, evil. I can’t really describe them. 


This is what Papa said after the vision and communion. He said, “And so it shall be the great mimicker of God Jehovah will produce his own army to deceive My very elect. What my daughter saw was the evil. What My children will see will normalcy. However, My elite bride will be able to see that they are not of Me; counterfeiters, My loves, Satan is always trying to produce what I AM is doing. However, he does not know all of what I have planned to do. My Son’s bride, this is the enemy trying to mimic My perfect plan. When you are changed these creatures will attempt to look like you. They will be a mixture of the fallen angels and other of the evil (That’s why I saw the mixing bowl). God Jehovah will allow this to test My bride so she will stay alert and on her toes at all times. Some of My Son’s bride will be deceived. Just as if when you don’t know My holy Word so you won’t be able to distinguish the fake from My true believers. The devil is out to kill, steal, and to destroy. He desires to take down My lovely bride. Be vigilant and prepare by diving into My Holy Water; My Word that holds all creation together. Be of good cheer. If you are truly close to My Son, Yeshua, you shall not be moved. Papa Yahweh has spoken.”


King Yeshua’s Message of Encouragement
Psalm 91:1
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
Please get down upon your knees and ask Father God Yahweh, by the Power of the Holy Spirit and in King Yeshua’s Holy and Powerful Name if these are King Yeshua’s Words.

Message received from King Yeshua on 29 Jun 17.

Is it well with your soul, My Beloveds? The pain, the suffering, the beatings from the enemy; the blacksmith to try your hearts and to make them pure?
Is it well with your soul? Or do you feel like you have been dealt with so bitterly that you revolt against Me?
Do you know My Children, that I feel your every hurt and I catch your every tear. Do you feel My Abundant Peace over your life and body? If you do not, My Child, then we need to have a meeting – Me and you – are you interested?
This meeting is only if you will be willing to understand about seeking My Face and meeting Me in My Holy Scriptures. Here is where I tell you things, here is where you know Me; for My Word is written about Me.
What is obedience to your King – do you know My Child? What keeps our relationship close? Are you supposed to fill up your time with nonsense and completely ignore Me? Are you supposed to disrespect your neighbors in person or on social media?
Only those who know their Mighty King intimately will be working in My Fields of White as a changed person.
Please, My Bride, there is no time left – hold out your hand and I will take it and lead you into the path of blind faith that pleases Me, your Delightful King Yeshua Ha Mashiach.
Love, your Brighter than all the sun, moon and all the stars put together.

God Almighty King Yeshua



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2 Replies to “Several Prophetic Messages Given To WendyLee Recently”

  1. Just to clarify…in these words, are “Papa”, “Jehovah”, and “Yahweh” all referring to God the Father? Or is it saying that Jehovah and Yahweh are in conflict?

    1. He goes by many names and there is no conflict. He is our Father, our Provider, Our Helper, Our Comforter, Our Everything and everyone likes
      to call him by different names and I really don’t think He minds as long as we are with Him only and Honoring Him. He likes the “relationship”
      with us, one on one. I call Him Yahuah, Yahshua, Father, Dad or daddy, sweet Yah and He has never corrected me and yelled at me for it. 🙂


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