Nobody In America Is Talking About This: (Jason A. Video)

Nobody In America Is Talking About This: (Jason A. Video)

Ever wonder why they are pushing removing our identities from us by turning the wording to act as if they are giving us an identity? My dad was in WWII and he said that they were doing mind programming back then also and that the ideology behind it was “if we strip them of their identity they we can easily control (enslave) them to accept whatever we push on them”.

You see, when we confuse the minds of people this is of satan. Again, create chaos in order to push their “NWO”. The push to do this to children in pre school and kindergarden is pushed because you must confuse them at the earliest age possible. Example: how young do they poison children’s minds to hate Jews and infidels in the middle east? they start programming them as early as age 2. These babies do not know “hate” or “why they should hate”. Are you understanding how this works now???? Stand up against the school system, take your kids out of school, homeschool if you can and find alternative ways. Govt wants to own the minds of our kids so they no longer can think for themselves and so they can enslave them forever!

When they “enslave the mind” they can control and sway them to whatever they have on their agenda. In high schools and colleges they have been teaching them that the answer is government control (communism) under the guise of freedom when in actuality, they are stripping our freedoms daily. They teach that government is for them and that we need “policing” to keep us in line. That we need govt assistance to live. People used to work for every dime they made and now 2/3rds are on government assistance so they control how much money you can have in your pocket and keep you in poverty your whole life. My brother’s son wanted to open his own business and they fought him hard not to give him the license to do so. Why? Because they can’t control him then. He ended up finally winning but it was a fight. When you are not controlled, you can think out of the box, you are more creative, you can actually thrive, you become smarter than them. They can’t have that. Push for marijuana and anti depressants same agenda. keep them sedated and complacent at all times. Be Careful friends. Get out of their mindset and go back into your own! Ever hear of a “hive mind”? Hive mind is that everyone is of one mind. How boring is that? No individuality.

Wake up My Friends!

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