Prophetic Word: Bells Chiming & Gongs Too (Two Words Sister Wendi Received)

Prophetic Word: Bells Chiming & Gongs Too (Two Words Sister Wendi Received)

Message received from Father God Yahweh on 21 Jun 17.

[As I went into prayer when Father God Yahweh called me; I began to hear bells chiming, (cathedral bells) and the gongs also.] Soon there will not be a single person on this earth that will not be a witness to My Great Power. The Great and Mighty Jehovah. The bells that My Servant hears are bitter and sweet. My judgment has not been stayed. After My Soul is satisfied and My Hand is removed from destroying the wicked ~ My Beautiful Children of Mine, will be with Me for all eternity. Take heed, America Babylon. Watch My Signs that I have mercifully given to you. You are not at the helm any longer. You have been found severely deficient in giving Me Glory. I AM created you for My Glory, America Babylon. You mock and scoff and go your whoring ways, after things that cannot satisfy or save; from your own hands. You worship not the God that created you and birthed you. I AM is about to strike with My Heavy Hand upon you. Look both directions, from the east to the west. WOE! WOE! WOE! To America Babylon! sayeth God Jehovah Almighty Eternal. You will wish that I had never bore you. Do not fear, for those who fear Me I will coddle to Myself. I have My Righteous in My Gentle Right Hand. God will uphold you, as My Word states, I will not allow the pestilences or arrows to come near you. Continue following My Perfect Son and His Heart. God Jehovah Almighty Elohim has spoken.

(Word from King Yeshua) Ephesians 5:14 Wherefore He saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Please get down upon your knees and ask Father God Yahweh, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, and in King Yeshua’s Holy and Powerful Name ask Father God if these are King Yeshua’s Words. Message received from King Yeshua on 21 Jun 17. Many of My People are starting to arouse their sleepy heads to see what has now invaded My Land – deceitfulness, hatred, lovers of iniquity, lovers of flesh, abominations that are celebrated instead of condemned. Is this not what I have said in My Infallible Word? Are My People going to rise up and destroy this evil with My Holy Spirit infilling? Oh yes, I say to you that My Saints are going to be drawing men into My Bosom – where they belong. They are going to make ashamed those who think their bones are waxen fat and enjoying the fruits of the land, they will be shown their nakedness. Their pride and false sense of self-enthronement is going to be their very undoing. But My Lights are going to shine in their eyes and some will sincerely want to know how to receive Me: the Joy that is bubbling up out of My Saints. They will be attracted to My Brightness and unsurpassed love. My Loves, you must take care though, and always put on your Armour that God Jehovah Jesus Christ has given you, for many will come in My Name, but they will not know Who I AM. You will be battling My enemy until you are safe in My Everlasting arms. God Jehovah loves you, with an unending, heartfelt, unlimited, unfathomable love. I have given these Words to My Precious Daughter, one of My Saints of the Most High.

These words from the Lord were transcribed from this youtube Bible study




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