Experimentation, Culling of Mankind, Eugenics: They Are Telling Us What They Are Doing? Awake Yet?

Experimentation, Culling of Mankind, Eugenics: They Are Telling Us What They Are Doing? Awake Yet?

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During previous wars and even behind closed doors, experimentation was being done and a “culling” done. Culling means to rid those that the Luciferians (satanic organization of the elites and globalists who believe they are the superior ones) deem fit to live or die. They will do this again in FEMA camps (concentration camps) which are already here in this nation hidden in places where no one can escape once in there. You think I am kidding? Go look at pictures in WWII of them and you will see they look exactly the same. You go in but you do not come back out once they round up people. They did this in WWII and my mom was in that war and she said people were tricked into thinking it was a temporary place but they all died in them. She was used in a labor camp and only God knows what else she saw and went through herself. I know she never got over it and cried a lot/was a very sad woman her whole life. But be forewarned if they tell you to go with them when war hits this land or civil unrest, DO NOT GO WITH THEM because if you do you will not come out. I am not talking about these tents set up now for those in flood areas etc. This is not the same as the huge concentration camps they have built. Research it for yourself and you will find it is not a conspiracy theory. Below is the article of what they did back then and interesting how they like to put these out there lately too!!! Look up eugenics which they are also promoting and pushing today!!

The photos that reveal the horror of eugenics: Disturbing images document a time when those with undesirable genetic traits were sterilized or killed in order to ‘cleanse’ society

Now it gets even more blatantly obvious what they will do to us. For those that do not understand what Luciferians are all about, I encourage you to look them up also. They are New World Order depopulation people with the agenda to exterminate billions and only keep 500 million alive (refer to Georgia Guidestones to read their commandments) and they always tell us what they are planning to do to us and how. Here is the movie about “culling” people and calling them “insects” (Aleister Crowley reference when exterminating mankind). In other words, the elitists, globalists will decide whether you live or die during the New World Order.

THE THINNING – Official Trailer – YouTube

THE THINNING – Official Trailer TheOfficialLoganPaul. … Enjoy the trailer to my movie, THE THINNING, starring Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson & Calum Worthy.


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