Message To Our Generation – (Corey Russell)

Message To Our Generation – (Corey Russell)

This was in 2012 when he preached there and I think he travels all over. I am posting it to show that this is the type of preachers we need. He tells you to get out of your sin and that you can overcome your sin. WATCH THIS and now in these last days, God is placing his army out there (others too that no one has heard of before) and as God has stated through prophets that he is about to “clean house” with these false preachers that have lied to the sheep (us) and I believe we will be seeing them removed from their posts. (NOTE: I DO NOT FOLLOW IHOP BUT SHARING FOR THE MESSAGE HE IS CONVEYING HERE). I do not know where Corey Russell is now. Does anyone know what he is doing now?

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