464 Earthquakes in One Week At Yellowstone/When This Goes it Will Be A Mega Quake

464 Earthquakes in One Week At Yellowstone/When This Goes it Will Be A Mega Quake

Even mainstream media is seeing something is wrong now? This nation will be turned upside down soon and when this finally blows, it will be such a mega quake and I do not think we are prepared for the devastation that would hit. It would be beyond our scope of knowing how to deal with it all.


here is a comment from someone that I found worth noting since it goes with the above. Left name out to protect their privacy.

June 21, 2017 8:43 am
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth’s latest sermon ‘Hijacked’ about America’s future, frankly all of his sermons have focused on America’s fate. Lyn Leahz also has a new video out about Yellowstone. I had a weird experience the other day, not really weird, but it was something I felt before 911 happened, and kept feeling. Don’t laugh now, but God has a way to get my attention using whatever it takes sometimes. I have been baking alot of cakes lately in my bundt pan for our fishing trips, and the other day, I was looking at his pan and I got a very disturbing feeling looking at the middle of the pan where the hole is. Later when I starting seeing all the articles on Yellowstone waking up, I put it together. The pan reminded me of the caldera and the hole in the center gave me the feeling that this volcano is waking up soon and will erupt. I know this sounds crazy, but before 911 I kept seeing apples, and I got the same feeling that something really bad was coming connected with that, the ‘big apple’, New York City. That was way before my knowledge increased in spiritual things, now I take note when something like that happens. I pray and research and I know this is true and I have received several confirmations lately too.

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