The Kingdom is At Hand

The Kingdom is At Hand

When I woke up this morning, what kept going through my mind was “the kingdom is at hand”  & “the kingdom of God is at hand” and I heard it several times. So I will write a short word on this now because I do truly believe that very soon all warnings and prophetic messages, dreams and visions will stop and we will be going live. It is of course all in His timing when all this will stop! Many seem to have been hearing that God will be showing them less and less now because things are about to start soon. Enjoy the last moments we have before we all go “live” and now see with our own eyes that what many thought were false words, visions and dreams were indeed true.

Through the kindness, mercy and deep love for all of us, He has given us all plenty of time to repent and return. What baffles me is why anyone would think we live in a “wonderful world” now and that nothing is wrong. Just look around you. Things are not getting better, there is no reprieve, there is no Yahweh (God) allowed in our lives anymore for this nation has pushed Him out. We depend on man to get us through when we should realize that it was the Great I AM that blessed this nation and this nation was founded on that principle.

We have truly lost sight of who is in charge, we have allowed sin and materialism to take control, we have lost sight of whom we are to trust and we have no desire to obey. There are very few that desire the things of Yahweh (God) these days. We have allowed corruption, greed, filth to infiltrate our hearts like never before and we are “fine with it”. Love has waxed cold for truth and righteousness and instead we replaced “love for others” with “love of ourselves, our wants, our desires”.

As a nation, we believe in “man” to fix all things when the problem is “spiritual” and man cannot fix this. No man can be a Savior and no man ever will be able to fix the ills of this nation. It is impossible with man and only Yahweh can fix these ills. He is the healer of nations and always has been. As a nation, we are “defiant”, “rebellious”, “prideful” and “proud”. These are all ungodly characteristics and abominations in His eyes. We were on a “slippery slope” for years and now on the final “downhill slide”.

If you have not noticed, after we pushed Yahweh out, our jobs dwindled, the economy kept getting worse and worse (we have temporary highs and then we go right back down), we saw violence increase, drugs increase, deaths and suicides increase, depression increase, families torn apart through divorce increase, sexual immorality increase along with sexual diseases that antibiotics are resistant to, foreclosures increase, abortions increase, greed increase, corruption increase, policing increase, division between people on all kinds of causes increase, and so many other things. When we put our faith and trust in man we simply and in all honesty have destroyed ourselves. The attitude of defiance is always “let us do what we want and live the way we want” and are you getting the picture of how that is actually bringing us down and never builds us up?

We have now crossed over the boundary and Father has had enough. He cannot tolerate our ways any longer. He is sinless and must judge our nation for its sins against Him. If we had repented as a nation, we might truly have seen a “reprieve” but we have not done so and instead grown increasingly more arrogant and defiant. The pride of this nation will be responsible for its destruction. Other nations hate us also if you have not noticed.

What goes up in pride and arrogance must come down. How can we be blessed as a nation when we feel we are above the Almighty, when we feel we do not need Him in our government, homes, schools and lives, when we believe that we can be little “gods”, when we follow idols and lift them up higher than the one that gave us our first breath, when we think we can pray to statues and dead people as if they can do anything for us, when we blatantly love sin and filth and embrace it in everything we do, when we no longer value vows we made to Yahweh in marriage, when we value our occupations more than we value our families and children.

Abba blesses but He does judge and He does take away and we are at that point in time now. We will see many horrific weather disasters come upon this nation, we will have martial law because people have so much hatred in their hearts and they love to fight and protest when there are peaceful ways to get your point across, we will see martial law because of these people, we will see persecution of Christians because most do not want Yah (God) in our lives so they will happily turn Christians in (even other Christians will turn each other in to save their own skin), we will see the economy first crash, bounce back for a short period of time and then completely collapse and we will see war and between the weather related disasters and war, famine and pestilence and disease will enter in. These things will happen suddenly and the blows will be horrific.

Yahweh is calling all those now to repent and to get under his umbrella of protection for we no longer have years to “get right”. There is new governmental system coming and Yeshua (Jesus) will be head of it all. He will reign and it is called “New Jerusalem”. His kingdom is coming down here to earth and all those that repent and return will get in and those that reject it will not inherit it. That door will be forever shut to them and they will be in darkness, torture, torment forevermore and if you think what is coming on earth is bad, it will be a thousand times worse in hell. I urge you not to reject this free gift of salvation He is offering at this crucial time. Do not think because you repented once in your life that you are in. Repentance is daily and come before Him now and re-commit yourself to Him. Yeshua (Jesus) loves us all and wants us all to be with Him. He is merciful, gracious and most loving if you will just stop depending on man and return to Him.

I pray this touches someone’s heart and they understand that because people refused to come back when things were going well in this nation, that they have literally asked for the evil to dominate and for the darkness to come over this nation. It comes down to simply this: only when everything is stripped away do people ever repent and return and only out of darkness can they see the difference between evil and good and then see how they need the light. This light is Yeshua for He is the light of the world!

So, I urge you to make it easier on yourselves and do it now and not wait any longer. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand and nothing will stop prophecy from being fulfilled at this time. No amount of prayer can stop judgment from falling but do pray for the lost and for mercy during judgment.

Love you all and come back to Him.

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