Scripture Verse & Word by Jolie

Scripture Verse & Word by Jolie

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him” (Ps. 103:13).


Heavenly Father, on Father’s Day today: first we say thank You that YOU are our Heavenly Father! Thank You for Your constant love, concern and attention. Some of us were blessed with loving, very involved dads growing up. Some of us were not. Some of us even had horrible or completely absent dads. But regardless, we thank You that YOU love and care for us and are deeply concerned with all details of our lives. Please heal our hearts where we are hurting from what are dads did or didn’t do to us or for us. May we look to YOU as our Father. And secondly, we thank You for all the dads in our lives (our own, the fathers of our children, etc.). Please BLESS all the dads today! We speak blessings over them. We speak over them a strong spirit of love, wisdom, grace, humility, devotion to their families, work ethic, strength, stamina and playfulness. May all the dads in our lives find a godly balance between being a hard worker and disciplinarian, and playing with and having FUN with their children. And for all the dads we know that are unsaved or lukewarm, please radically stir their hearts Lord God. Move mightily in their lives! For the closer they are to You, the better dads they’ll naturally be! Thank You Lord! In Jesus’s precious name, amen.


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