Where is The Unity in The Body of Believers?

Where is The Unity in The Body of Believers?

There is such a profound sadness in me today for several reasons and one of them is that we have over 45,000 denominations and none of them can get along with each other yet the pope is pushing this One World Religion (New World Order) saying that all can unite and get along.. This is such a lie from the enemy yet people are falling for this deception left and right. If you can’t get two Baptist church people to get along 3 blocks from each other do you really think you will get a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Charismatic, Pentacostal, Methodist, Lutheran, non denominational church Christian etc to really get along? Wake up folks. Do not see how twisted the pope is and all he cares about is furthering the Jesuit agenda. The Vatican does not follow the same Yah (God) we do. They are a trillion dollar business organization that follows Lucifer (just look at the name of their telescope there). They have been deceived by satan and he has told them he is Lucifer, the Father of lights (Yah or God) and that Yeshua is satan and they truly believe this junk. I researched them extensively since I was a Catholic at one time and the things that they do are horrendous but it is all done behind closed doors and on the outside they play the Holy Roller. No man can sit on a throne and elevate himself above the Father yet they do it. Those that follow the pope will also fall with him in the end to the pit if they don’t repent of it and get out of there! Please take the time to research.

Also, the other daughters of this great whore do what they instituted so they are just as guilty. Even Christian non denominational churches follow the pope and never even question it. They are sheep to the slaughter in the end and in the Word it says “come out of her my people or suffer of her plagues”. These will come upon all those that follow her. Roman Catholicism changed dates, times and laws of Yah (God) long ago and these preachers, ministers etc know this because I personally did question them. It seems the operative word for these men is the cha ching, cha ching. They care only about their money. If they actually spoke truth, spoke about repentance and your sins, if they spoke against the abominations instead of embracing them they would lose half their congregation and their cash flow goes down. So instead, they further the lies and untruths by teaching us to “accept it and that Yah (God) is good with it”. It is why I do not go. I can fellowship anywhere at anytime and nowhere in the Bible does it say we have to go to building built on sand or become a member of them. The Word Church is not even in the original transcripts and the word was “ecclesia” simply meant gathering (not building). (Please understand I am not against all Pastors and leaders and all churches and if Abba Father has led one to do something for him there then I say do it-always obey the Father). Many though are nothing but market places and concert halls that teach nothing about the truth of the Word. Just give you an itchy ear gospel and satisfy your carnal mind as you make them filthy rich!

Have you ever noticed none of the Apostles were members of any synagogue. They simply went all over preaching in many of them to teach them the errors of their ways. The Pharisees hated them for it. Yeshua himself was never a member but went and did the same and preached in synagogues, fields and homes. A Pastor told me that church was merely a place to keep people busy and the devil’s ploy because if you devote your time and energy to your church and your friends there, you have no time for Yah (God). He left the church system after 15 yrs for that reason. The Holy Spirit also told a Christian that was questioning this church system and their 501c3 tax exempt status and they heard the Holy Spirit say “their allegiance is to government and not to Me”.

As far as Christians go, I see and hear of a lot of discord, slandering of one another, calling this one false, that one evil or they came from the devil and all kinds of nasty remarks. How is this LOVE? How can anyone say they love Yah (God) and then have no problem doing this to one another? We are to be in unity as one for we all come from the Creator himself and what is going on is very displeasing to him. You are also pouring coals over your own head each time you do it. I have met a couple of Christians whom I thought truly were walking in love but found out if you tell truth and they love their sin they are in they hate you.  So much for love again! They profess love yet they do not walk in love at all! It is a phony love and very superficial. If you agree with them 100% they love you. Say one thing they hate you. Is this how we are to walk? NO.

I understand now when a non Christian tells me how they don’t want to become Christian because honestly, they told me many are very nasty people and demanding. Again, so how do they think they are pleasing Father if they go for a 2 hour service, sing songs and act all nicey nice to the others there and later gossip about them, and profess they are followers? I have heard workers in grocery stores say they hate the “sunday phony Christians”. Yes, they do say this.

As the Body we are supposed to be an example to Non Christians that we are One with each other yet there are very few that anyone could actually say is that way. It saddens me that Christians do not walk the walk and it is just talk the talk. Stop slandering, gossiping and belittling others. Are you any better? Be kind, show the fruits of the Spirit please! How are we, as the Body, going to bring anyone to say a salvation prayer when you can’t even forgive your own brother or sister, family member? Thoughts to ponder folks. All is written on each one of us in our Book of Life. Do you really want to be blotted out? I sure hope not. Let us walk in love and exhort, help the stranger etc. Everyone is on a different level in their walk and at one time, if you have walked many years, you were new to it too? Or if you do walk for many years, do not be so arrogant and prideful you think you know more than one who has walked 3 yrs because I see this a lot too. These are the worst offenders actually because they think they know yet they do not know like they think they know. Paul was taught as a Pharissee for many years yet the Yeshua taught him for 3 ys and he know more than all of them that walked for 30 yrs.

Stay humble. Get rid of your pride! Learn to love and walk in it. Do as Yeshua did. If you disagree with someone does that mean you are to never speak to them again? Remember the Word and that those that hate their brother and/or sister or those in anger will NOT INHERIT the kingdom of Yah (God). It is ultimately your choice and it is true He does not leave us and will forgive but you cannot willingly continue in these sins. If you are willingly doing this, then you are willingly walking away from Yah (God) and He will then leave. WALK IN THE LOVE THAT YESHUA DEMONSTRATED. Aren’t we supposed to an example so that those that never knew Yah (God) would repent and return to him?


1 Corinthians 12:12 King James Bible
For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.


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