Mind Programming: Satan’s Ploy To Strip Us of Our Identity AT Birth

Mind Programming: Satan’s Ploy To Strip Us of Our Identity AT Birth

Keep in mind that there is only 1% of the population like this yet why such a strong push on the children now too? This is called “mind programming” to instill in the minds so that they strip the people of their “true identity” and convince them that how they were born is not who they are. This is all of satan to make men girls and girls men. He hates mankind and Elohim’s children. It is also a mind programming system because those that cannot identify as boy or girl can then easily be enslaved. This goes very deep and is satanic/luciferian all the way. FIGHT AGAINST THIS. Do not let them poison you into thinking that you were not born this way or that way. FATHER MAKES NO MISTAKES AND IT HAS BEEN PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY THROUGH DNA STUDIES. If they can genetically manipulate they can also confuse you into knowing who you are. SATAN WORKS THROUGH THE MINDS OF PEOPLE TO CONVINCE THEM IF THEY ARE BORN A BOY THEY ARE REALLY A GIRL etc.  Another example of mind programming: Telling men to wear skirts, walk in heels and carry purses as you see on the runways now in fashion shows. Also the bun on the heads of men is to make them less masculine. Buns are for females, not men. MEN NEED TO BE MEN AGAIN AND WOMEN NEED TO BE WOMEN AGAIN. THIS IS SICK AND AN ABOMINATION IN THE EYES OF THE ONE WHO BREATHES LIFE INTO US ALL, OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.

Watch This and You’ll Notice Something Weird! (2017-2018

Watch This and You’ll Notice Something Weird! (2017-2018) Jason A. … You’ll Have To Watch This Video Till The End … Jason A 434,244 views.
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