We were born to love our Creator

We were born to love our Creator

We were born to be like Yeshua and born to love our Creator for He is the one that breathed life into us all. To know the Father’s heart, you must know how much He truly loves us all, how many tears He has shed, and how much sadness we have given him. Not only did He give us life but He provided everything on earth that we need to live on to keep us healthy. He has always been looking out for us but most pay no attention to these things.

Father did not have to send his Son and could have easily wiped us off the face of the earth long ago but He chose not to do so out of the pure love that emanates from His heart for His creation. His Son was sent to us to show us how we were to live, to demonstrate the daily walk in life, to give, to love others, to stand for the Truth and to save us!! Yeshua was sinless, pure, Holy, and simply followed the Father’s ways; his commands. Father longs to bless us and not curse us because of our sins but man loves sin over Him & does not feel they need to remove it or even try to remove it. This, of course, does not mean all are like this because many do try very hard and desire to please the Father.

If Yeshua gave it all for you and laid it all down so that you could be saved and have everlasting life, why is it so difficult to give love back to Him by dying to self and giving your all to Him? Shouldn’t we desire to please Him? We should be wanting desperately to be pleasing in His sight. We should all desire what He desires, Walk as He walked, walk in obedience to His ways and commands, we should be thanking Him daily for His goodness towards us, we should love Him back in the way He instructs us (through obedience) and thank Him for all He has done and continues to do in our lives.

When we go through trials, many times we can’t see the big picture! Father takes what was awful in our lives and turns it for our good later. He is refining us and trials strengthen us and bring forth endurance. Remember the story of Joseph and the pain he had to suffer. Joseph learned how to love through these trials, how to endure, how to give and how to be content in whatever it was he had to go through. It is hard and I have had many trials myself and I really thought I would not make it through this last one for it was so long and painful. I realize these trials were all to teach me things, to build me up, to strengthen my resolve and also were tests to see if I would leave Elohim (God) because it was too much to bare. I made it through but it sure was not easy and after them I now see how much Job went through and the others before my time. We will soon be tried and tested like never before as events in this nation unfold, so never give up, stand up for His truth no matter what and you will be greatly rewarded if you do this and have repented to Him with a contrite heart. We must remember, back in the days of old and others before us, it was not yet the end days and they were restored while on earth but since we are the last generation here we need to realize our restoration will be after we leave here for our time is short now. But all will be restored to us later if we don’t see it while still on earth! His Promises are true!

Love is a very misused word in our lives. Father tests us severely to see just how much we truly do love Him. When things are going well, it is so easy to say I love Elohim (God) but when it all goes away, how many will be able to say they love Him then? Love is a word mainly just mouthed yet isn’t truly coming from the heart towards Him. He demands all of you, all your love and desires a true intimate relationship with you. One on one is what He wants. This does not require going to any church building as if that will get you into the kingdom. Stop trying to please your church friends and your Pastor. None of them did what Yeshua did for you! We were born to only please our Master. He reads our hearts and knows it better than we do. Your heart must be right with Him, true to Him and we must make Him our first love always. Yeshua loved us so much that He left heaven, was born, lived, died and rose again so that you had a way in to fellowship with Him and to have everlasting life.

We all want love do we not? We have all been hurt, beaten down, broken at times in our lives have we not? We have all cried and suffered awful things in our lives. We have all been sad and betrayed by someone we loved. We have all had moments where we felt lonely, alone, scared or in despair. We have also felt many a time that somehow we just don’t fit in or what is wrong with me or what did I do to deserve this. Most of us have had to suffer illnesses a/o disease as well. Well, do you realize that when you go through these things, Yeshua cries with you, feels your pain and wants so much to heal your heart and your deepest wounds,  but you must let Him in. Let Him love You but don’t be selfish about it. Love Him in the way He desires, not the way you want to do it. He desires all of us and not just a part of us, he desires we are in obedience, and He loves praise and worship. We must give Him more time in our lives, make room for him. If you have time to watch programs on tv or play with your apps then you are putting your priorities in the wrong places.

Let Him Bless You. Return to your first love! Give Him the Love He deserves! Get to know your daddy’s heart! Yeshua loves us all!! This is how you know how much Yeshua loves you; he took the stripes for you and hung on that cross taking your sins for you bleeding for you!! Now that is the deep deep love of Elohim (God).

Be Blessed and Much love to all on here!

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