Worship and Prayer Are More Powerful Than We Know

Worship and Prayer Are More Powerful Than We Know

Worship and Prayer are More Powerful than we Know!

 Received 5-26-17 through 6-3-17

The Lord spoke these words to my spirit to share with His children:

“My children, during the time you are now in, the light within you must be allowed to overcome the darkness that surrounds you. You must speak forth the words that I have given you in both the written word and personal revelation from My Holy Spirit who dwells inside of you.

Many of you will ask “How shall we hear the voice of the Spirit Lord?”
I say to you enter into deep praise and worship of your God. It is then that the very Master of the universe will speak mysteries, words of healing, comfort, love, power and glory deep into your very heart. The enemy cannot stand to be around you when you are full of praise and worship because you are encircled with intense fire and when you worship, pray​, speak My words, a fiery light comes out of your mouth in the Spirit.

My children you need to know the power and authority that is available to you through praise, worship, My Word and prayer. This is how you will overcome the darkness and Our enemies. My blood has made it possible and the word of your testimony will go forth and the fear of death will not hinder you. Put away all sin, doubt, unbelief, hatred and fear, for these things give the enemy strength. Holiness, righteousness, faith, hope and love defeat the enemy in My name.

My boundless love to you all!
Jesus Christ
Yeshua Hamashiach “

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