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Prophetic Warning: 3 Days of Darkness Coming (278Pikelk)

Prophetic Warning: 3 Days of Darkness Coming (278Pikelk)

278pikelk – Warning

My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear. Time will seem to stand still, My Children. You will be under My protection during the coming three days of darkness. You will not feel pain during your transformation but a tingling sensation as your flesh changes into a harmonic spiritual being, bright and glowing; the original state in which I created mankind before his fall to evil flesh in The Garden of Eden. Those of you who have prepared your things – food and provisions, etc., these will be utilized by those who do not know Me, but that will come to know Me during the 40 days of chaos following the Rapture of My Church. The Raptures will take place very closely together. First the innocents, the children, and then My Bride. The children will include all who are child-like in their ability to understand things. I am the I AM, and I will be reconciling My creation unto Myself. I want none to perish, so I will have chosen warriors who are marked for My protection, spreading My truth to those who need to hear it. Many are not part of My Bride and will need to understand My Gospel of Mercy before being rescued. Some will lose their lives, knowing full well that they will be gaining eternity with their Father and Creator. The “others” will do all they can to convince those left behind to be led by the new world government. The lie that they perpetuate will convince many that I am a lie and that the mass disappearances can be explained away. This is where My warriors come in, going to those they knew in their new glorified bodies and convincing them to go to the pre-appointed and protected Goshens for safe-keeping. The goal of all that come to Me during this timeframe will be the same – remaining safe so that they can share My truth and at the same time warning others to stay away from the mark of the beast. My warrior angels and My saints will work together to lead many to safety, and in doing so, lead many souls home to Me. The events that will befall your earth will be indescribable in human terms. My children hear My voice, and though they will not be shown specifics, many can feel that these things are drawing near. They can feel it within their spirits; they sense the change in the spirit realm that will soon be impacting the earth. You will see and experience some of the things leading up to the three days of darkness – earthquakes, tidal waves, flooding, sinkholes, volcanic eruptions, human tragedy, disease, pestilence – all the sum of cumulative darkness in this fallen world. The enemy will win many battles, but the war is already won! You, My children, receive peace in that knowledge, no matter what you see, no matter what occurs. Call My Name and do not fear. (Goshen: The land in Egypt given to the Hebrews by the pharaoh of Joseph – See Genesis 45)
Coming Great West Coast Earthquake: Mexico City Gone (Randy Hecker)

Coming Great West Coast Earthquake: Mexico City Gone (Randy Hecker)

earthquake: The Big One Green Road Sign Against Dramatic Sky, Clouds and Sunburst.

The Coming Great West Coast Earthquake
“The Lord has shown me that there would a mass migration out of Mexico and other Central American countries. This has started but it will finally reach millions streaming north.The Lord has also shown me that the crust of the planet along the western margin of Central and North America will begin to break up before this quake., because of early effects of the incoming Destroyer. The 4.8 magnitude earthquake outside of Las Vegas, where the water of Lake Mead is draining into the earth, is a clear indication that this has started.”

“ A massive earthquake is coming to Mexico City. During this quake large areas of the world’s biggest city will be swallowed up and millions with die. The volcanoes will erupt. There will be a massive eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl. When the smoke clears Mexico City will be no more. Be warned that when this earthquake happens it is the final warning sign for the coming Great West Coast Earthquake.”

The Coming Great West Coast Earthquake May 31, 2015

Posted by randyhecker For five years now I have been warning about Mega Earthquake that will strike the San Andreas Fault and cause massive devastation to the California Southland. I have stated that it measure between 9.5 and 10.5 but it would be preceded by two warning shocks.

The first of these would measure between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Richter Scale and it would occur out in the desert regions of Southern California. It will hardly be felt in Los Angeles. The second quake would measure between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Richter Scale. It will cause damage at the epicenter and the tall buildings in Los Angeles will sway. There will be damage in older areas.

I do not know the time interval between the first and second quake, or how long it will be after that before the Big One strikes.

Twice before this pattern of quakes has hit without the Big One. But I believe now the Big One is clearly coming. This is based on other things the Lord has shown me. The Lord has shown me that there would a mass migration out of Mexico and other Central American countries. This has started but it will finally reach millions streaming north.The Lord has also shown me that the crust of the planet along the western margin of Central and North America will begin to break up before this quake., because of early effects of the incoming Destroyer. The 4.8 magnitude earthquake outside of Las Vegas, where the water of Lake Mead is draining into the earth, is a clear indication that this has started.

Recently I received a communication from a seismologist in Southern California who stated it was simply impossible for the San Andreas to generate that magnitude an earthquake. Under normal circumstances he is completely right. The grinding between two tectonic plates is not sufficient to generate that kind of energy.

But there are things that will generate this great event. First is the natural capacity of the San Andreas Fault to generate 7 to 8 magnitude earthquake. Second is the use of seismic and tectonic weaponry that will be focused on the fault line. And third is the judgment of God upon the unrighteous. If I was a betting man (which I am not) I would put my money on Number Three.

This is coming as surely as the dawn comes.

I am a Watchman on the Wall. My duty is to give warning of the coming things has shown me. I am not a prophet. The duty of a Prophet of God is give revelation as he receives it and to call the nation unto repentance. I will continue to give warning for as long as I can, but the time is growing incredible short.


I am sorry that it has taken me so long to return to this blog and post information. A lot of things have happened since my last post, including three major surgeries.

Anyway, there are many things that the Lord has shown me that did not have a connecting pattern. As an example, why would our government use its own nuclear weapons on its own citizens. When Obama was in office anything could happen. They have tried to start a nuclear conflict with the Russians on several occasions.

All of a sudden things they have been planning in secret for many years have come out into the open. I am reminded of the scripture that says, “And the secret things shall be made known.”

There is a plan for California to succeed from the Union and declare itself to a free and independent country. It is planned that Hillary Clinton shall be the President of the Republic of California. This will be a country based upon progressive principals (communism). It will be the first step in building the Kingdom of the Beast as it will be governed by followers of Moloch.

The new capitol will be Bohemian Grove where the elite go to conduct human sacrifice to appease Moloch.

The Republic of California will be based upon every manner of human depravity there is. All churches will be outlawed, except those that convert to the worship of Moloch. They will also seize the vast amount of military hardware that exists in California. They will seize all of the nuclear weapons stored at multiple facilities.

Three times former President Obama (the future Anti-Christ) tried to initiate nuclear conflicts with Russia. The only thing that stopped him was our generals and admirals who kept the nuclear football and the launch codes out of his hands.

Once they acquire these weapons it will only be a matter of time before they are used to burn the rest of America, and launch attacks upon Russian, China, and North Korea

The coming Great West Coast Earthquake will be the sign of God’s judgment upon them.

If you remember what I wrote about this terrible event, then recall that I said there would be two warning earthquakes preceding the big one. There would be a 5.5 to a 6.5 out in the desert. At an unknown time after that there would a 6.5 to 7.5 also in the desert. This cycle has already occurred twice without the following great earthquake. These two cycles served a warning that was mostly ignored. Now the cycle has begun for the third time with two recent 5.7 earthquakes occurring within hours of each other near Walker Lake, Nevada. There will not be a fourth cycle.

I am watching for the 6.5 to 7.5 quake to hit in the area of Brawley to Mexicali, California.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the only Messiah and your Redeemer, then go to him in humbleness and seek the answer to whether you should leave California or stay there. Many times the answer will be to stay because the Lord will need you there as a trusted servant.

Do as the spirit leads you.

Your brother in Jesus Christ, Randy Hecker

Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia Ring/Sex Trafficking.

Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia Ring/Sex Trafficking.

ALL THESE CRIMINAL ELITISTS NEED TO GO TO JAIL ONCE AND FOR ALL. POOR CHILDREN AND IT SADDENS ME. I pray they all get taken down and that their names be exposed for all to see. KEEP RUNNING AND  HIDING; GOD IS WATCHING AND HE KNOWS RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE. God is exposing all the evildoers now and all that was hidden is in the open at this time.

Running, Sport, Fit, Fun Run, Jog(maxmann)

Across the Globe Pedophile Networks Are On the Run- More Pressure Needs to be Applied :Even the House Intelligence Committee had to interview embattled John Podesta in secret for all the obvious reasons.

Black Lives Matter Riots In London, 4 Policemen Hurt/Word and Vision By KerryAnn Gidden About This in 2016

Black Lives Matter Riots In London, 4 Policemen Hurt/Word and Vision By KerryAnn Gidden About This in 2016

People on FB and elsewhere love to call us all false prophets and that these things will never happen. Well here is one that KerryAnn got back in 2016 and it is happening right now. She lives where this is taking place and her prophetic vision was given back in 9/2016. People don’t understand prophecy; some happens maybe in a week or a month or two, some prophecy does not happen for months, years and if you look in the Bible, Jesus’s return was prophesied thousands of years before it happened and Daniel’s prophetic words, dreams were all for a future time. WE ARE NOW IN THAT TIME and at the end of days.

This vindicates all those scoffers, mockers and haters.

Click on video below and you will hear the prophetic vision here and what she saw: (KerryAnn Gidden)


Reverse Zombie Tick Is Spreading Around America–Can Be Fatal

Reverse Zombie Tick Is Spreading Around America–Can Be Fatal

If you take this drug, you are the most susceptible to this and did you know that Cetuximab is full of the sugar, as it is derived from genetically modified mice?

Tick, Lyme Disease, Mites, Bite, Danger(jerzygorecki)


Court Order Terminate Hate Speech on Facebook/They Decide What Is Hate Speech

Court Order Terminate Hate Speech on Facebook/They Decide What Is Hate Speech

I highly recommend getting off of Facebook now. Zuckerberg is not your friend there. You will be targeted and they can come for you. Persecution of Christians is what they will call hate speech.

Soon you will all need to go:

Capital, England, Famous, London, Metro(publicdomainpictures)

My Testimony: Lost, Broken And Looking For Love But Could Not Find It.

My Testimony: Lost, Broken And Looking For Love But Could Not Find It.

 TESTIMONY: WHERE WAS THE LOVE I NEEDED? I am exposing myself here to you all to let you know I was there and lived it.

Have you gone through your whole life wondering why?

Why everything you do seems to never fulfill the deepest parts of you?

Why you felt unlovable? Why you were abused or neglected by your parents? Why you never experienced the love at home as a child? Wondered why your parent(s) never said I love you and/or never encouraged you?

Why you never felt as if you truly fit in? Why you always were searching for love through a man or a woman depending on your gender to satisfy your hunger for love? Wondered what you did wrong when someone cheated on you? Wondering why you are divorced and how did this happen? Blaming yourself yet it takes two to make it work or to make it crumble?

Why you struggle with all these different addictions and don’t even quite understand why? How you thought you could control your addictions yet now they seem to be controlling you more and more?

Why you never felt pretty enough, good enough, tall enough, smart enough or perfect enough for anyone? Why you put down your body your whole life trying to live someone else’s fantasy of what you should look like, be like? Never allowed to be who you are or truly appreciated for who and how you are? Why you spent your life believing in the lies that these things are the reasons you are alone now?

Why you were raped and still suffer from this pain blaming yourself and feeling worthless because of the violation done to you? Have you felt suicidal because of the abuse whether mental, physical or emotional making you feel like you don’t matter and are worthless? Do you suffer from depression feeling hopeless and lost all the time? Do you drown your pain with alcohol or drugs or both?

Why you feel overburdened and overwhelmed taking care of everyone else but yourself? Were you trying to figure out what is the purpose of life and is there any peace finally?

Why you are working in jobs you really never liked but because of financial reasons you feel stuck? Are you trying to work feverishly to make a name for yourself in the working world because you never got approval or love at home? Are you trying to prove to those whom you loved most that you are worth something?

Why you sought out religion yet something was still missing and those “religious people” were rather “clickish” and you still didn’t fit in? Wondering why religious people were so darn mean and divisive?

Why you had to make it on your own and your strength is almost gone now?

Well, me too! I went through these questions in my head and I suffered most of the things I wrote here. I am writing this testimony because I want you to know you are not alone and all my life I, too, was searching for something deeper, something more but it always was out of my grasp. I felt like the hamster on that wheel just spinning round and round and never getting anywhere.

I merely “existed”, went through the motions that I was fine, when at home I cried a lot, hid my pain, drank to forget how unloved I felt. It finally made me so physically ill that at MD Anderson hospital they told me that if our mind, body and soul are not all in alignment then we will become very sick and it eventually will kill us. They told me I was the walking dead; that is how bad and close to death I was. I felt dead, I didn’t care anymore. I was hoping I could just drink and smoke myself to death and it would be over soon. Death seemed like it would be a welcome relief after years and years of all kinds of abuse.

To make a long story shorter, I really never knew God or saw him in my life because of all I went through. So I just never gave him another thought. I was brought up in church but it was so phony there. I knew God existed and His son too but that was all. But lo and behold, in 2009, I was to the point of brokenness like never before and finally just said something like “I can’t do this anymore” (can’t remember exact words but it was that cry when you know you just can’t deal with it anymore).

Little did I know that I had finally surrendered it, stopped trying to “fix my life” on my own, doing it all my way. Obviously it wasn’t working well or it was just temporary. I was finally crying out. Lo and behold, that was the night that God came into my life. I was angry, hurt, bitter, sad, lonely, cried so many tears I had nothing left, drank and smoked trying to numb myself. Every night after work I would go buy more cigarettes and a bottle of wine and the next night after I cried out I went straight home. Night after that,  went straight home and it continued. It has been over 7 yrs now and He took that away from me.

So I am working right and now God sends someone to me. I have not repented yet. The man just talks to me and said the Lord sent him in there looking for the person whose heart is crying out. For some reason when I heard this, in the pit of my stomach (that is where our spirit is), I felt it was me he was looking for. A month later or so I said the sinners prayer and felt convicted in my spirit that I was a sinner and I asked God to forgive me. I was so lost and I didn’t know how to get myself out of my own messes. That was just the beginning of my journey my friends.

What I am telling you is the truth. Since I repented and returned, something started to change in me and I was feeling lighter. I was starting to feel better day by day, Jesus healed me of wounds deep in my heart, of physical ailments and of addictions. My life was slowly getting better and better and now it is hard to remember who I used to be because that lady died long ago. The new improved version is here now. In my brokenness was when love found me.

I wouldn’t trade going back to the way I was, indulging in all the things that were harming my body, my spirit and poisoning my mind. I wouldn’t trade Jesus for any of that. He has done so much for me and He will do the same for you. I am just one of thousands or millions he has done this for.

I still do not follow religion because religion is manmade and there is too much division in the churches, too many head games & each one taught strange doctrine. I simply asked God to be the center of my life, and that I desired to be only taught by him since he was the Rabbi that came down from heaven and I wanted to be taught by Him like the Apostles were. He introduced me to the Bible and the pages seemed to just fly off the book as I was reading it.

Too long to go into everything else but let me tell you that we are so trapped in satan’s mentality here on earth and he was trying to kill me off, destroy me completely. He kept me so far away from God by placing obstacles in my way continually so that I never would never seek God. But all those plans he had for my life backfired because the more he tried to kill me off and destroy and steal it all from me, the closer he was bringing me back to God. As satan stole it all from me, I had nothing left but to fall on my face and that is when surrender came and love showed up! I went full circle and it reminds me of the story of Joseph now. How through it all God can take all the bad and turn it for our good and He does this all the time if we just will allow Him in and let Him be the center of our lives. Lay your burdens down at His feet.

Ask Him to teach you, open up the Word, read even just a paragraph to start if you don’t understand it and just have a one on one relationship with Jesus. This is what His heart truly wants from us. Spend time with Him alone and forget the rest. If you feel down, sing praise songs and His presence will come in after you repent. Let it go! I wish people had told me how to do this years ago and I might have been spared much agony and torture but the enemy was keeping those that could have told me how to find my way back far away from me.

So I share this testimony so that it touches someone’s heart on here and that you don’t have to go through what I went through. I pray you read this and then just go lay it down at His feet, surrender it, and ask him to come into your life. He is a gentleman and He will never force Himself on you. You must speak it out loud to him. Say that sinners prayer, then don’t stop there. You must keep going and He will guide you to all truth and His love is nothing like man’s love. I no longer feel the need for any human to love me because I have a love far greater and once you experience that you will never want anything else.

His love is nothing like the love we get on earth. Not even close. I felt led to share this testimony by the Holy Spirit so that someone would know they are not alone.